Bayshore Veterinary Clinic P.C.

Bayshore Veterinary Clinic P.C. is a full-service veterinary medical facility, located in Menominee, MI. The professional and courteous staff at Bayshore Veterinary Clinic P.C. seeks to provide the best possible medical care, surgical care and dental care for their highly-valued patients.

We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our clients. Bayshore Veterinary Clinic P.C. strives to offer excellence in veterinary care to Menominee and surrounding areas.

Please take a moment to contact us today, to learn more about our veterinary practice and to find out more information about how Bayshore Veterinary Clinic P.C. can serve the needs of you and your cherished pet.

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    Dr. Kay Monroe

    Practice Owner

    Dr. Monroe is originally from Grand Marais, MI. She currently resides in Menominee, MI with her husband Brian, and their three children: Colton, Keagan, and Piper. She joined the Bayshore team in 2000, and went on the purchase the clinic in 2005. 

    Dr. Monroe's passion is surgery. She is always interested in learning more about new techniques and is passionate about continuing to develop her education and skills.

    The Monroe family has several pets (who can occasionally be seen visiting the clinic). The dogs are Budde, and Sprout. Skylar and Kiddo are the family cats. When Dr. Monroe isn't at the clinic, she enjoys attending and coaching sporting events, spending time with her family, and she loves photography and scrapbooking.              

    Michigan State University
  • Dr. Firnett

    Dr. Firnett

    Dr. Firnett or Dr. KT as we call her, has been a veterinarian for 3 years. She grew up in Menominee and graduated from Menominee High School. She attended the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis/St. Paul majoring in Fisheries & Wildlife. After earning her Bachelor's degree she made the decision to attended veterinary school, also at the University of Minnesota.

    Dr. KT has always loved animals and first realized her interest in veterinary medicine at the age of four. While attending a veterinary appointment with her mom and their dog Uno, Kaytee kept trying to sneak a look in back at all the animals. Finally the veterinarian took her on a short tour and showed her all the animals. That was the day she declared “I want to be a vet”. Now, 23 years later she is living that dream!

    On the job Dr. Kaytee does everything from preforming surgeries, to dental exams, routine vaccinations and everything in between. She especially enjoys internal medicine and the management of chronic disease because it allows her to develop a relationship with the client and patient. She also loves meeting new puppies and kittens and watching them grow up.

    Kaytee and Adam share their house with two dogs. Mia is a yellow lab and almost the perfect dog, with some “diva” tendencies. Their other dog is a black lab named Piper. Piper is a rescue who was due to be euthanized because of physical and behavioral problems. Kaytee and Adam took her in as a hospice patient and she is keeping their hands full with her antics ever since- especially eating anything and everything and counter surfing.

    Five cats also call Kaytee and Adam their pet parents.

    Cinder, Kaytee's first cat, came into her life while she was working on a dairy farm during college.

    Pawly was adopted from the animal shelter. He isn't the smartest but he is the sweetest.

    Wall-E started as a foster kitten but didn't like like the people who were going to adopt him, so he stayed with Kaytee.

    Maddee was brought into the clinic as a sick orphaned kitten to be euthanized. Dr. Kaytee couldn't bear the thought of it and so adopted her. She has grown into a happy healthy young cat.

    Haley turned up at Kaytee and Adam's house with 3 & ½ legs. Presumably she had lost most of her leg to a trap. Dr. Kaytee took her in, amputated the remaining damaged portion of her leg and gave her a forever home.

    Finally the house is also home to a betta fish named “Red”.
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2014
    University of Minnesota
  • Patti

    Patti was raised just north of Menominee near the booming village of Carbondale. She attended and graduated from Stephenson High School. After graduating Patti attended Northern Michigan University for three years were she studied the natural sciences. She continued her studies at Michigan State University with several pre-veterinary classes. She graduated from MSU with a Bachelor in Science and a Secondary Teaching Certificate.

    Patti came to work at Bayshore in the 1980's and was instrumental in helping the former owner build the practice that became Bayshore Veterinary Clinic as it is now.

    Today she is employed at Bayshore as office manager and book keeper. Patti's job is a very diverse one. She is responsible for everything from accounts payable, payroll, managing the pet food orders, managing the clinic utilities to coordinating equipment maintenance and repairs. She is also in charge of general communications on behalf of the clinic and the owner. Patti is also quick to jump in and give us a hand wherever we may need it.

    Patti has two grown children. Her son Leif lives in Minneapolis and her daughter Laura lives in New York City. Patti is also the proud owner of a very special, adorable, annoying, former barn cat named Lucy and a very sweet, polite cat named Bonnie.
  • Debbie


    Debbie grew up in the Menominee area and graduated from Menominee High School. She originally started working at Bayshore Vet Clinic 35 years ago as a receptionist. Soon the doctors recognized her talent for working directly with animals and she was moved into the position of technician. Throughout the years Debbie has developed her skills through on the job training. Debbie is now our lead surgery technician and assists in all surgeries. Debbie is also in charge of managing our clinic inventory and ordering medications and supplies.

    As a vet tech Debbie has numerous roles during the work day. In the morning she helps the doctor admit patients and prepare them for surgery. After assisting the doctor in surgery she helps recover the patient and make sure they are stable. During the rest of the day she is busy taking patient histories, restraining animals, administering medications, and helping to take radiographs. She has a special interest in patient nutrition and reproductive medicine.

    Debbie lives in the Menominee area with her husband and daughter. She and her daughter share a passion for horses and dog obedience and agility.

    Debbie and her family share their farm with many animals.

    There are two horses- Cody is a Percheron Paint cross and Legit is a Thoroughbred Quarter horse cross. Brrr, Winter and Drifter are all Alaskan Malamutes.

    Three cats- Pepper, Spicie, and KK and 12 chickens.
  • Jenna


    Jenna grew up in the Porterfield area of north-east Wisconsin. Since an early age she has had a passion for animals. Growing up she had many opportunities to learn about and befriend animals.

    Jenna first began working with us over three years ago while pursuing a degree in Veterinary Technology at Globe University. Once she graduated with an Associate Degree in Veterinary Science she was hired here as a veterinary technician. She is licensed and certified in both Michigan and Wisconsin. She has been employed by Bayshore Veterinary Clinic as a Licensed Veterinary Technician for two years now.

    A typical day starts with Jenna admitting surgery patients into the clinic and assisting the doctor with the exams. Throughout the day she may monitor the patients during surgery and after, assist with wellness exams, preform lab work, take radiographs, and answer client questions.

    Jenna and her husband Dan live with their young son Carter and two cats.
    Zoey and Thunder. Both Zoey and Thunder came from the animal shelter but they have very different personalities. Thunder, in spite of his name, is a 10 year old scaredy-cat. Zoey on the other hand is very out going and adventurous at 7 years old.
  • Meghan2

    Meghan was born and grew up in norther-lower Michigan. She moved to the Menominee with her husband in 2006. Meghan has had a lifelong love for animals, especially for horses and dogs. She grew up with both, as well as cats, rats, mice and fish.

    After high school she attended Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs, Colorado to study veterinary technology. In 2003 she graduated with an Associate Degree in Veterinary Science and is a licensed Veterinary Technician in Michigan.

    After graduating from college Meghan worked as a barn manager and horse trainer for a couple years. Then she spent a few years working on dairy farms milking cows. She was hired as a veterinary technician at Bayshore in the fall of 2012.

    Meghan's daily vet tech activities include assisting doctors with exams, taking radiographs, running lab work, communicating with clients, arranging referrals and managing the clinic website and Facebook account.

    Meghan and her husband Chris live on a small farm with a variety of animals.

    Jack is a 15 year old American Eskimo mix from an animal shelter in Colorado. He is as close to “Lassie” as a real dog could ever be!

    Elly is a 7 year old Lab/hound mix who is Chris' baby and thinks she is a lap dog.

    Corriente is a 13 year old tabby who used to commute to work with Meghan and Jack via airplane.

    Kraeken is a 3 year old “torbie” cat who is from the Menominee Animal Shelter, she is enjoying her current job as spoiled barn kitty. She is a big cat.

    Teagrey is a tabby and is Kraeken's sister. She is the hardworking barn kitty.

    Indy is a 8 year old donkey.

    Cooper is a 7 year old pony.
  • Lil

    Lil moved to Menominee with her family from Memphis, MI at the age of 5. She has always enjoyed working with and being around animals.

    She began her career at Bayshore as a kennel assistant. When she was asked if she would be interested in working as a vet tech she jumped at the opportunity. Lil has now been a veterinary technician at Bayshore for 15 years.

    Lil is our lead anesthesia technician, which means she is in charge of ensuring animals safety throughout surgical procedures. She also oversees the maintenance of our anesthetic equipment. Aside from these duties Lil assists doctors during exams, sets up and administers medication, runs various lab tests and takes radiographs.

    Lil shares her home and farm with lots of animals-

    Waldo is a Shih-tzu dog.

    Duke and Hazel are Australian shepherds. They are brother and sister. Duke is deaf and partially blind and Hazel watches out for him.

    Sadie is a rescued Beagle.

    There is also a whole herd of horses and a flock of sheep.
  • Dorothy


    Kennel Assistant
  • Roxanne


    Roxanne grew up in the Marinette area. She had many animals growing up and has always loved them, especially Chihuahuas.

    She became a part of the Bayshore family 27 years ago when she was hired as a kennel worker.

    Roxanne is in charge of maintaining the cleanliness of the clinic, feeding, walking, and keeping the patients clean and comfortable. On any given day Rox is here before everyone else arrives. She starts by taking care the surgery patients from the previous day, looking after any hospitalized patients. Next she gets the clinic spruced up and ready for a new day. During morning surgeries, dental cleanings and appointments she is hard at work cleaning up between procedures. After the rush of the morning she makes sure all the patients are comfortable and the dogs have been walked. Then it is off to see to the needs of her many pets.

    Roxanne lives with her husband Pete, their grandson Brayden and a variety of animals. She has four cats, one Boxer dog named Jack, lots of Chihuahua dogs (most of whom are rescues), a goldfish and an assortment of ducks, geese and chickens.
  • Bree

    Years in Practice:
    Feb 24, 2017
  • Becky

    Years in Practice:
    Feb 24, 2017
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    Justina is originally from Grand Marais, and has been residing in the Wallace/Stephenson area since the age of eight years old. Justina currently resides in Stephenson with her husband Matthew, who loves to be outdoors. They have three boys: Kolby (12 years old- loves sports), Kamdin (4 years old-loves Legos and his brothers), and Kasen (1yr old- who is now walking, loves exploring, and playing basketball). Justina loves animals and knew she wanted a job which allowed her to spend time with them. She has been a receptionist in veterinary clinics for several years, and joined Bayshore in August 2016. Being a receptionist at Bayshore Vet requires her to have many duties centered around patient/client relations.

    Justina and her family share their home with several animals. They have Kloi (a dilute calico of 12 years old who wandered into their yard and has shared their home ever since), Bella (a 5 year old Siamese mix who has a personality all of her own and who loves little Kasen), and many ducks and chickens.

    Outside of working, Justina loves spending time with her family, coaching basketball, and attending Kolby’s sporting events.

  • Kathy

  • Tubbers


    Tubbers has held the duel positions of CEO and head supervisor at Bayshore for about 7 years. He was discovered while doing time at the Menominee Animal Shelter. Tubbers has been around animals for most of his life. Knowledge of animals has always come naturally to him. While at the shelter he made the decision to start a new chapter in his life. He wanted to give something back to the community by “helping humans, help animals”. Not long after this he was offered a full time position at Bayshore. Tubbers embraced his new calling and it was soon apparent he was a natural at his new job.

    Tubbers has a busy work day, but finds he thrives on action. You may see him monitoring activities at the front desk, offering suggestions on how to run the office more efficiently and taking a brief walk around the clinic to make sure everything is up to his high standards.

    Even with his full workload Tubbers does make time for friends and family. Tubbers has a girlfriend named Berniece who visits from time to time. He considers all of the Bayshore employees to be his family and also has a pet fish named Eliza.